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Computabilda of Carmarthen comes to the aid of charity in Cardigan with a free PC.
Serious about Business Growth? Then this event is for you -Flying Start event for business owners in Carmarthenshire
Wouldn't be great to only have to make one phone call should your computer or telephone system fail? This you can do with this professional and highly recommended company......
As an employer are you able to offer or accommodate flexible working?
Are press ups and squats the way to get your employees smiling?
The 29th February has fallen on a Week day so does that mean Employers should be paying their employees an additional days pay?
Everybody gossips and it most cases is completely harmless but gossip and chinese whispers in the workplace can lead to an Employer having claims of harassment and discrimination landing on his desk!
Great news this company makes the right connections and is expanding! They have just moved to new offices so if you need to Make it The Right Connection, its these guys you need to be talking too....
Whether its a few dislodged tiles, a gaping whole or a complete new roof, you need to call in the Experts! But make sure they care truly recommended.....
Your business premises can tell a lot about the business?. Are grounds surrounding the premises in good order, is the entrance clean and tidy? No? Then you could be losing business.....
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