Non Cheerie employees ordered to do press ups and squats!!
9th March 2012
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Making an employee who fails to meet a performance standard

do squats or press ups seems about the most unusual way to discipline staff in the workplace!

And not what Joy Arkley of HR Dept West Wales would recommend, but this is the approach taken by the flagship Abercrombie & Fitch shop in Milan.  Staff who failed to greet customers with ‘sufficient cheeriness’ were ordered to do 10 press ups (male employees) or 10 squats (female employees).      

(see full article)

The HR Dept won’t even comment on the sex discrimination occurring here with regards to ability of male and female employees!

Joy admits, though novel, she would struggle to write this into any disciplinary policy!

Why a quiet word wouldn’t be sufficient in cases like this Joy is not sure, but some sort of ‘cheeriness competency framework’ would have to be developed.

Although it made Joy smile after reading this, there will be no press ups or squats for The HR Dept West Wales!

So if you would like a 'cheeriness competency framework' that is appropriate for good employee relations and does not discriminate give Joy a call on 01239 639 128

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