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28th April 2017
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Not all composite doors are equal.

As with so many products on the home improvement market, composite doors are a product offered by many businesses and people at a wide range of prices.

Composite doors became very popular as a successor to the uPVC doors as they provide the low maintenance of uPVC with significantly improved strength and security.

The large variation in prices can seem strange for customers as they are all composite doors. However, the quality of composite doors varies significantly. A poorly manufactured, low grade composite door may look good upon installation, but will offer very little security and will not last with daily use. Buy cheap and you will have to buy twice.

The Goliath composite door is a product that Goliath takes a lot of pride in. The design has been perfected over years of manufacture at their Cannock factory.

7 reasons why a Goliath door is the door you should buy,

1) The monocoque construction uses the same principles of race car design to provide a strong and light frame.

2) Reinforced internal frame combining 9mm composite with a high density core material to keep the heat in and noise and intruders out.

3) Thermoplastic skin to provide a maintenance free and attractive finish

4) Multi point locking system to ensure increased security

5) Ultion door cylinders fitted. These cylinders match the quality of the door and are resistant to drilling, snapping, bumping or picking.

6) Flexible door designs; choose your own design or one from a catalogue. Colour options, door furniture and glazing to complete the bespoke design.

7) Goliath quality. A Goliath door may not be the cheapest you can source; but Goliath stands by their claim that it is the best on the market. Made in England, at the Cannock factory you can be assured of the highest quality product and installation from the trusted team.

Call Goliath to discuss your new door or visit the spacious Cannock showroom to learn more about the standards set by Goliath for home improvement products and service. 01543 466464.

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