Why you should keep your computer or laptop clean
10th July 2017
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Overheating and shutdown problems are very common in laptops and even desktops. The fans and heatsink clog up with dust and fluff, and eventually your computer gets so hot, it turns itself off. Common symptoms include:

  •  Laptops are extremely hot to touch, especially around the fan area
  • The fan seems to be running constantly, and at high speed making it noisy
  • Your desktop or laptop shuts off by itself

What causes the overheating?

Some of the key components in your desktop or laptop, such as the processor or graphics chip, naturally get hot when in use, and it is the fan and heatsink (small metal grilles) that pulls cold air from outside the case, over the grilles and then blows the heat out of any vents. If your desktop or laptop is new, the fans and heatsink will cool it efficiently, but after a couple of years, the heatsink will become blocked with dust, fluff, pet hair and lint. When this happens, the vital components get hotter and hotter until your desktop or laptop shuts itself down to prevent damage. 

Can clogged fans and heatsinks be cleaned?

Yes, both just need a good clean; removing the dust and anything that may be clogging up the fan and heatsink. However, these parts are normally buried deep within your computer and it takes experience and the right tools to take everything apart, clean the components and reassemble it without causing any other damage. We at SJH Computing do this kind of work all the time, and can guarantee to completely clean the fan and heatsink so that it will work at maximum efficiency, especially now the summer is here.

If your desktop or laptop is overheating or you just want them cleaned, just call 01543 889 444, or email info@sjhcomputing.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

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