Why servicing your electronic devices is reducing the need for repairs
16th November 2015
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With our everyday lives becoming more and more dependent upon our electronic devices, whether you run your company from home or you have a household to run,  when your device breaks down for no apparent reason your life comes to a standstill and panic very quickly follows.

 It is now your number one priority to get that item fixed as soon as possible, your local Cannock based IT nerds can be your savoir!

It is very often the case that a breakdown of this nature could have been very simply avoided by having your pc, laptop or tablet yearly serviced. This is required around 12 months after purchase.

If your laptop is:

  • Slow

  • Freezing and Crashing

  • Showing pops up in your search engine

  • Talking it’s time to start up

It’s time to bring it in. Our Nerds HQ retail and repair centre in Bridgetown Cannock is home to our nerds who eat, sleep and breathe computer technology. Within minutes a nerd can tell if the issues you are experiencing with your machine is down to an over-due service.

An internal clean of dust that gathers under your keys and onto internal fans can greatly improve the items general well being. We can take care of this for you avoiding causing damage to internal working parts.

 A clean-up of your browser can sort out the speed of your item, so no more waiting around for your machine to start up.  Those precious minutes that tick by, eat in to time that could be better spent, and could potentially be costing you money if you use your item for the day to day running of your company.

A virus clean up guarantees safety from bugs which is one of the most common faults that walks through our doors. Virus’ can deeply corrupt your device, not just cause you the inconvenience of a few inappropriate pop ups, this is not a case of “oh I’ll ignore those and they’ll go away” if a virus is in your machine you need it removing promptly, leaving you with a faster, cleaner, virus free device.

 A service in turn provides you with a fault safety net, we can dramatically reduce the risk of virus reoccurrence and software issues, providing all nerd guidelines have been followed when downloading new software, and you have a running antivirus package installed which is up to date.

To make protecting your devices even easier,  NERDS HQ are offering  you the ultimate servicing package, that not only includes an annual service but provides you with a 12 month subscription of Bull guard internet security, which we will properly install for you. We will also install our handy portal button onto your desktop so our nerds help is just one click away, with 5 free uses per year included- all for just £50 per year! Contact us and sign up today!

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