Why choose a vehicle remap?
18th August 2021
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We aren’t your average remapping service .

So here’s how it works - when you book any remap with,  Chips remaps, the service is two fold .

Firstly we come and run full diagnostics on your vehicle and check it’s vital fluid levels to make sure it’s a good fit . At this point once all the safety boxes are checked, we perform an ecu read - this enables us to send YOUR vehicles current map to our technicians who then build a unique custom map, specifically for YOUR vehicle. And the best part is - the files we work with are all Dyno proven. Then we install the new upgraded ecu file. We just need access to power to attach a battery support unit  for ultimate safety . We then run a second full diagnostics to ensure all has been a complete success and then generally insist that the client takes the car for a test drive to see the difference - though there is a second reason for that - the best part of our job is seeing every single clients smile when they drive their newly tuned car for the first time. 

The procedures we do are completely reversible so if you’re concerned if it’s a lease car , or not a car you plan to keep , then you have nothing to worry about as we keep a copy of the original tune files on our central database so that at any time , the car can be put back to stock .

So welcome to, chips remaps, where our mission is YOUR safety and enjoyment .

Not enough? Don't worry. We can take your car to stage two tuning, with supporting mods fitted. 


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