Tis the Blackout Blind Season
22nd May 2014
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In my experience there are definitely two separate camps when it comes to sleeping preferences.

There’s the people that are really comfortable for the morning light to enter their bedrooms in the spring and summer months. They can nod off in the desert at noon.

Then there’s the camp at the other end of the spectrum who would happily sleep in the deepest coal mine they could find. The darker the better.

I am a member of the latter camp and my wife is a fully paid up member of camp one so we are always tricking each other about which blinds are open and closed at bedtime.

We have a blackout roller blind in the window recess in our bedroom. Across the front is a blackout roman blind. If my wife gets to bed before me she drops the roman blind and I never think to check that the roller is also down. It never is. Conversely if I get to bed to first, I drop both blinds and my wife never thinks to check. I always get it in the neck if she sleeps in in the morning.

So if you are a camp two person then we can help…. but not for much longer.

We have been running a three for two offer on all orders taken since April which has been very popular. You only have a week and half to take advantage of the offer and win you and your family a better night’s sleep.

This offer will end on 31st May 2014.

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