Smart repairs? What on earth are they?
29th August 2019
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So, you have damaged your car and your mate suggests a smart repair. What is a smart repair and why would I trust a bloke in a cranky van to repair my pride at home?

Im glad you asked. It’s not smart as in, ‘smart’. It actually stands for, ‘Small medium accident repair technique ‘. We use slightly different systems to body shops, although most often than not the same, if not better, products. Focusing on time, convenience and keeping your paintwork as original as possible, a smart repair carried out at your home is very often the better choice. Also, smart technicians often offer a far superior guarantee than most body shops too, ours is upto a lifetime warranty! 

For example, a bumper scuff can be carried out for less than £100, within an hour and a half, and will have a great guarantee! Interested? Why not drop us a line, see if we can get your pride and joy back up to no scratch!

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Hi! I have been running chips and scuffs since 2004, after an extensive career in both bodyshop and smart repair roles, of various roles.

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