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21st March 2017
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With major concerns surrounding our children’s online activity and cyberbullying at the forefront of the media’s attention at the moment, it’s a good time to revisit what we as parents can do to protect our children whilst they are online.

Installing anti-virus software on to your machine is always a smart move, but with lots of different types out there it can be difficult to tell which one is the most suitable for a family household, and especially one where youngsters are making the first steps out onto the world-wide-web.

Our Nerds are here to make things clear and simple. As resellers of BullGuard we strongly recommend this to all our customers and with 3 easy to understand levels of protection it really couldn’t be simpler.

By installing BullGuard’s premium protection package, you can take control of your child’s own personal user area on their machine, so they have the freedom they want and the protection they need. You can block instant messaging sites such as MSN or yahoo messenger, it will alert you when a message has been sent through popular social network site Facebook with inappropriate content or if your child has received a friend request from someone a lot older and without any mutual friends.

Using the parental dashboard, you can receive alerts to your mobile phone including links that could potentially pose a security threat, Facebook posts and private messages that could be potentially inappropriate and photos that could also contain inappropriate descriptions. Taking preventative action can stop your child being a victim online.

You will also find a Parent’s guide to protecting children online in store, which contains lots of helpful information and tips on how to get the best out of BullGuards premium protection package.

Armed with your BullGuard premium protection, a parent’s guide to protecting children online and advice from our Nerds you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you have done all you can to help protect your children online, and one step closer to putting an end to our children coming to harm online. 

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