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24th August 2016
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We have had a number of customers in this week that have fell victim to hacker’s scams, we are strongly advising our customers to be aware of anyone calling you out of the blue, claiming to be from your internet provider and asking to gain access to your machine.

Please hang up immediately and notify your internet provider, do not allow anyone access into your machine! Once you have granted a hacker access any kind of anti-virus software you have installed will step aside and allow them free range of your machine.

If you are worried that this may have happened to you, please check your bank accounts for any unusual activity, make sure that any software that has been installed onto your machine to allow the “technician” access is closed down, and that you have disconnected your machine from the internet.

Bring your item in to HQ for a PC clean up, we will be able to remove any stamp that the hacker may have left on your machine and uninstall any software they used to gain access.

When a hacker has accessed your machine it can be a very troubling time, especially if you use your machine to do your banking online. Nerds HQ are here to help put minds at ease and remove any trace that a tracker gained access to your machine.

Please spread the word and stop these hackers in their tracks!

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