Our Nerd in a van has gone green!
16th February 2016
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As we are a mobile company that concentrates on travelling to our clients to bring them the best possible service, and customer care, we decided to do our part in reducing the impact that fuel emissions have on the global warming crisis. As a result our nerd has gone green and now has a completely zero emissions vehicle.

Because our nerd in a van spends majority of his time on the road, this is an important step for us to take to claim responsibility of our emissions.  Although driving full electric vehicles is a new concept to a large percentage of the public, it is something that is now moving itself into the limelight with big name car brands such as BMW releasing cars that are not only good for the environment but are also desirable to the consumer.

 This has caused a snow ball effect where the government has now vowed to pro long the incentive scheme to encourage people to go green by giving a certain amount toward the price of a new electric vehicle, and are installing new charging points at motor way service stations across the country, enabling drivers to consider long journeys and making the purchase of an electric vehicle more feasible.

Even though producing electricity isn’t totally CO2 free in its self, the emissions produced is far lower than that of supplying fuel to the pumps, and is definitely a step in the right direction, and nerds in a van are very happy to be supporting this worthy cause.

So book your call out with our green nerd today! Call 0800 888 6373 or 01543 468511to put an end to your computer issues from the comfort of your own home!

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