New Hednesford Supermarket parking fines fears eased
29th July 2013
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Aldo Hednesford is set to open on Thursday 1st August as part of the town regeneration plan. Aldi had planned to install ParkingEye monitoring on the car park with fines due to be issued after a free 90min period, designed to ensure space for supermarket users.

The plans were causing serious concerns for independent local Hednesford traders who recognise the convenience of the current free parking for shoppers to the town.

Aldi now have scrapped plans for ParkingEye in the immediate future.

A spokesperson for Aldi commented: "Aldi's priority is to ensure that there are enough car parking spaces for customers who want to shop with us. We have however listened to the concerns of local residents and are keen to work with them to resolve any disputes. Aldi will be reviewing this policy on a monthly basis to ensure it is fair and operating appropriately for our shoppers."

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