Nerds ultimate Christmas gift guide!
28th November 2016
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Here is our ultimate nerds Christmas gift guide to make sure you get it right this year and get the best gift ever for the nerd in your life!

1. The E-reader- we have a Kindle paperwhite 2 in stock for your loved one who loves to read, so simple and easy to use giving the user their whole library at the touch of a button only £80! We also have a kindle oasis in store which is the smallest and thinnest kindle to date with button page turning technology, the screen also rotates to enable the user to get comfortable and hold their kindle with which ever hand they desire! Only £210!

2. The Fitness watch – Is your nerd a fitness fanatic! Let them keep track of their steps, heart rate, calories burnt, hours slept and much, much more with the fit bit Alta. We have a range of sizes in black or purple for only £75!

3.The Golfer watch- That’s right you read correctly a watch especially for golfers! Now you have the whole course on your wrist, with just a tap you can see the distance of the green, any obstacles in your wake and analyze your shots to improve them on your next round with my sports app, this watch is every avid golfers must have gadget only £90!

4.The Tablet- you can’t go wrong with buying a tablet for a loved one this Christmas it an all-around crowd pleaser capable of bringing even the biggest of technophobes into the 21st century. With a range in stock, we have items to suit everyone’s budget and requirements!

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 7.9” Tablet – only £225
  • Amazon kindle Fire HDX 3G 7” Tablet – only 85
  • Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential 7” Tablet – only £65
  • Amazon Kindle Fire 7(pink) - Only £37

6. The iPod – The iPod touch is one of apples most popular gadget and this generation iPod touch is the best yet. With a powerful processor and apples music technology gaming and playing music has never been smoother! With blue and space gray in stock you can purchase an iPod touch unique to your nerd for only £145!

7. For the gamers- if your nerd is gaming mad we have a wide range of laptops, pcs, and all in ones in stock that can support many up to date popular games! With various makes models, specifications, and screen sizes available there’s something for everyone and every budget! Prices from

7. For the academics- as well as computers that have the power to enter an alternate universe we also have a wide range of machines that can run a business empire, help a student succeed in their studies, or just to keep your household running smoothly we have many different types of machines in store with prices starting from just £80!

So don’t bother with busy shopping centers this Christmas just pop down to Nerds HQ and see what we can do for you! free parking and honest advice available.

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