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11th November 2016
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A very high specification machine with a rock bottom price making it an ideal Christmas present! Perfect for older children who like to game online and require a machine for school work. Having a stationary machine reduces the risk of damage and can also increase work output as having a dedicated work space and fewer distractions enable the user to work more efficiently! 

Lenovo All in One

B50-35 F0AV

AMD A110-7800 @ 3.50Ghz


1000 GB HDD

AMD Radeon 7 Graphics

23.8" LED Display 



Widows 10

Only £380!

With everything you need in one case keeping your desk, whether it be at work or home, clutter free with a machine that is more than capable of processing work and play requirements and even at the same time! For more information visit or call us on 01543 468511


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