M6 Toll financial failure?
5th July 2013
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The M6 Toll is seen by many as a waste of time as the M6 motorway continues to crawl from Cannock down past Birmingham. The 'high' prices to use the road has left many people refusing to use the road.

I personally use the toll road when heading to Solihull or Birmingham Airport as it ensures a smooth run with no delays, however, the cost as an objection I can understand. Ultimately it comes down to how much you value your time and whether sitting on the M6 bothers you more than paying the cost of the toll.

In terms of reducing traffic on the M6 the M6 toll must be seen as a failure, but as a swift travel alternative to reach certain destinations, a success in my eyes. However, use the M6 Toll or not financially the toll road is reportedly having issues. The latest attempt to convert motorists is a free lorry trial scheme for this month (July 2013).

The free trial has been taken up by around 7,500 lorries who have registered. They do not have to pay the usualĀ£11 charge, instead use the road for free. The free trial has been introduced in the hope it shows hauliers how they can save time and other costs by paying the toll once the fee is reinstated.

The reported 34,000 cars that use the Toll daily needs to rise to see the Toll function as a profitable venture, time will tell.

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