Kit out your kids with the best technology this September!
3rd August 2016
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Whether your child is progressing from primary school into secondary school, or going onto university, they are going to need a workspace of their own to get their homework done peacefully and successfully!

Here at Nerds HQ we understand that buying a Laptop or PC can be a confusing and difficult process, especially when you don’t know what specifications you need for your child’s requirements. Or your battling against what your child wants rather than what they actually need! We are famous for our honest advice in plain English, which often ends up saving our customers money with the correct specification machine for their requirements.

We also understand that it doesn’t just stop at a Laptop or PC, your child is then going to require software to do their work on such a Microsoft office and some protection online, alongside a monitor, keyboard and mouse and maybe even a printer.

So to make this process and little less pain full we have put together two packages, that includes everything your child will require. We have even thrown in free delivery within a 5-mile radius, and for an extra fee our nerd in a van will even unbox all your items plug in the necessary cables, and connect your item to the internet and partner your printer to your machine. We will install all your software for you, so all you need to do is power on your item and your child will be ready to tackle any assignments that they may receive once back to school comes around!

We also have a number of refurbished laptops and PCs in stock at lower prices and specifications to suit all requirements and budgets, so there’s something for everyone! Call in a see what Nerds HQ can do for you this summer!

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