It’s raining…turtles?!
11th November 2015
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Project Monsoon sees the streets of Seoul come to life in the rain, with stunning murals that are only visible when it’s raining.
Don’t believe me? Check them out here:
Aren’t they amazing? They were made using homochromatic paint which is invisible until it gets wet, and were commissioned to “give people something to look forward to for this year’s monsoon season”.
I’d definitely brave a walk in the wet to catch a glimpse of one of these pictures!
And this story got me thinking. November rain isn’t all that bad.
You get to spend cosy evenings curled up at home, Christmas is just around the corner, and you can finally pull on those oversized jumpers and winter coats that have been in hibernation since February.
But my absolute FAVOURITE thing about this time of year is the changing colour of the falling leaves.
What about you? What gets you most excited about the winter months?
Let’s spread some sunshine with positivity…even if the sun has disappeared ‘till next year!
Speak soon!

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