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4th December 2019
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I wish to remain unbiased and provide local people with an insight into the promises of each candidate. The candidates for Cannock Chase MP are (in no particular order) Anne Hobbs - Labour party, Amanda Milling - Conservative Party and Paul Woodhead Green Party.

Each candidate received the following request and each responded to acknowledged the request and confirmed they would send me the requested information.

Hi, I hope you are well? I understand you will be very busy at this time. I run community website thebestofcannock. I wish to share some information for local voters before the election. I however, wish to remain impartial so will provide equal opportunity to the 3 local candidates. I intend to add information to my blog and share on social media.
Please send up to 500 words to promote your campaign and 1 suitable image of yourself. I must receive this by the midday 2nd December. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you and sharing your message. Steve

Anne Hobbs

Thanks Steve, will put that together for you before then. All the best!

Paul Woodhead

Thanks Steve I will get you something

Amanda Milling

Amanda is the incumbent candidate and was first elected in 2015. She lives in Brereton and is always out and about across Cannock Chase attending events as well as visiting residents, schools and businesses.

Amanda’s main areas of interest in Parliament have been education and young people, environmental crime, public transport, the Armed Forces and business & enterprise. She has served on a number of committees, even being involved in high profile inquiries such as the working practices at Sports Direct and the collapse of BHS. She was appointed the Government’s Deputy Chief Whip by Boris Johnson in July 2019.

Locally, Amanda has been an active campaigner on many issues affecting our community. These include the closure of the Rugeley B Power Station and it’s redevelopment, maintenance of the local road network, the delivery of the Chase Line electrification project and subsequent timetabling issues and supporting young people into work. She is a keen champion of local business, as she believes that Cannock Chase is a great at place to do business. She is keen to promote our local economy, businesses and high streets.

Amanda supports a wide variety of local groups, organisations and local charities including the Royal British Legion, the Rotary Clubs, the Lions Clubs, Soroptimists, Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children and the Hibbs Lupus Trust – to name a few!

If re-elected Amanda’s plan includes:

Get Brexit Done. Cannock Chase voted to leave and Amanda has, since the referendum, consistently voted for the UK to leave the EU. She is the only candidate committed to Brexit.

Fighting for better train services: Whilst Amanda believes it’s good news that we now have 4-car electric trains on the Chase Line, the current timetable means passengers face an unacceptably unreliable service. She will continue to push for the timetable to be fixed.

Supporting our town centres: Amanda believes we must back our independent shops who help make our town centres thrive. That’s why she ran the campaign against the Labour Council’s A-board tax and she is currently running her annual shop competition.

Protecting our green spaces: Amanda firmly believes we need to protect our natural environment for future generations to enjoy. She is always willing to play her part in making our area cleaner and greener.

Boosting our Economy: Amanda wants to attract businesses that create high skilled, high paid jobs for Cannock Chase residents. She knows that better jobs will mean local working families can have better employment opportunities.

Attracting visitors to Cannock Chase: Amanda believes that Cannock Chase is a fantastic natural tourist attraction. She wants to ensure that we make the most of the 2022 Commonwealth Games being held on Cannock Chase.

Supporting young people: Amanda wants to ensure that our young people get the best start in life. Be it university, college, apprenticeships, volunteering or employment, Amanda wants every local young person to have the opportunity to succeed and prosper in Cannock Chase.

You can follow her on Facebook at


I was very disappointed to only receive the requested information from one candidate. I had hoped to find out more about each candidate both personally and to share with other local people above the noise heard on National media etc. 

Let's see what turnout and outcome we get polling day, Thursday 12 December 2019. 

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