Don't be a victim in 2017
20th January 2017
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Here at Nerds HQ we are still working to educate people on the way that viruses and hackers can get into your machine and the best ways to avoid it happening to you. We firstly recommend arming your machine with antivirus software. There are plenty of options out there and it is important to get the right kind of coverage from a reputable source. Our technicians are always on hand to give honest advice on which coverage is best for your requirements.

Avoiding viruses impacting your machine is easy, we are always advising people of the best ways to keep your machine healthy and running to its full potential.

  1. Don’t open emails or download links from unknown senders- Your behaviour online can affect how far your antivirus software can protect you, your antivirus software can’t stop links from being opened even if it’s a virus as you are giving it permission to do so, it will step aside and let you view something that potentially could contain a dangerous virus.
  2. Don’t stream movies, TV shows, or sporting events – with binge watching box sets and big sporting events becoming more and more popular and expensive, as does the places online to get those popular box sets for free. We strongly advise avoiding this behavior online, as it is rocky territory and fraught with danger. As tempting and legal as the online stream sights look they are in fact not and once you indulge you are partaking in illegal activity. This leaves your machine open and vulnerable.
  3. Don’t use FREE anti-virus software – Our technicians always advise that paid for anti-virus is going to protect you much better than a free version. Again, these look attractive and makes you feel that you are saving yourself money but it fact it could cost you dearly in the long run.
  4. Make sure you are up to date – whichever anti-virus you choose to purchase make sure you don’t let it expire. Especially if you use your machine for internet banking. We always advise purchasing anti-virus software with identity protection included.

Stay safe online and remember that your internet provider will never contact you over the phone or email only through the post. If you do receive an email or a phone call always check with your internet provider before going through a discussion or links provided. If you are worried that you may have received a phone call or suspicious email then drop your machine in for a free no obligation diagnosis and quotation. 

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