Council Tax freeze for Cannock residents
19th February 2011
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Cannock Chase Council has set its Budget for the next three years, with a Council Tax freeze for residents in 2011-12.


The Budget was set at a meeting of Full Council on Wednesday 17th February.


It means that residents will be paying the same amount in Council Tax to Cannock Chase Council in 2011/12 as this year – great news in the current economic climate.


The Budget fully protects all grants to voluntary sector organisations in the District, including the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Chase CVS, as recognition of the pressures faced by the sector.


The Budget also cancels an increase in car park charges – which was set in last year’s Budget – for 12 months. This means there has been no increase at all in Council car park charges since 1st April 2008 and this will continue until at least 1st April 2012.


The Council Tax discount for owners of properties that are empty will be abolished. This will provide an incentive for owners to rent or dispose of these properties, assisting with housing supply in the District.


Significant savings will be delivered in 2011/12 from efficiencies in corporate support services and reductions in administrative support. A charge for workplace parking for Council employees and Members will also be introduced from 1st April.


Some areas where fees and charges for specific services provided by the Council will be increased so they are cost-neutral to the local taxpayer, including planning services, licensing activities and pest control. Charges will also be increased for cemetery services.


Cllr Neil Stanley, Cannock Chase Council Leader, said:


“This Budget protects the frontline services that we provide for the residents of Cannock Chase District. At the same time, we are committed to a zero increase in Council Tax rates for 2011/12. This results in a Band D Council Tax for Cannock Chase Council remaining at £197.01. However, the average Council Tax rate across the District is much lower than this.


“We have also kept the number of compulsory redundancies low. Every one of the eight redundancies is regrettable but the number is much lower than most other local authorities.


“The national economic context in which this Budget was set means that tough choices have had to be made about how taxpayers’ money is spent at a local level.


“Difficult choices were made in last year’s Budget and these stand us in good stead in coming years. We are in a better position to weather the current economic storm as a result of the prudent decisions we made last year.”


Information courtesy of Jamie Summerfield Cannock Chase Council Communications Officer

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