Cannock Council urges residents that ‘Recycling isn’t rubbish’
29th April 2015
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The 12 month campaign aims to give residents a better understanding about contamination and its consequences.  Putting the wrong items in the recycling bins can result in the load being rejected and sent for disposal, instead of being recycled, this will result in cost and loss of income for the Council.

The issue was highlighted in an incident last week where a full refuse collection vehicle load (7.58 Tonnes) of recycling was rejected at the Materials Recycling Facility in Aldridge as it contained unacceptable materials such as food and garden waste.  The load had to be disposed of via landfill.

The campaign messages will be displayed throughout the District in the form of bus advertising, supermarket banners and vehicle vinyls highlighting waste materials with a reminder of the correct bin to dispose of the item and messages and information will be posted on social media, over the next 12 months.  To further increase awareness we will be developing a website application ‘What goes where?’ and develop videos showing the lifecycle of individual waste materials.

Head of Housing and Waste Management,Ian Tennant said “Residents in the District are recycling more, however contamination, where householders put wrong or unacceptable materials in the blue and brown bins is on the increase, this can cost  Council tax payers money. 

We are asking residents to work with us and to understand the importance of putting the right item in the right bin.”

Information courtesy of Kirsteen Miles Communications Officer.

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