Cannock Council plans to provide more convenient car parking for hospital patients
17th April 2015
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The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWHT), who directly manage Cannock Hospital, are making significant investments and a much wider range of NHS services will be based at the hospital including gynaecology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, paediatrics and ante-natal care.


To cater for the significant increase in patient numbers during 2015/16 it is proposed that the Council will turn its staff car park, which currently has approximately 200 parking spaces, into a new pay and display car park right opposite the hospital.  Council staff will use the hospital car park furthest from the hospital as a replacement and secure additional parking in the town centre for its staff and tenants in the Civic Centre.


The charging regime for the new pay and display car park will be the same as the Council managed Beecroft Road car park, where no charges will apply after 6:30pm on weekdays and Saturdays and it will be free on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


Subject to agreement on technical issues such as an amended Parking Order, the estimated timetable for the new parking arrangements is that it will be available to the public from September 2015.


It has been recognised that with increased traffic, improvements will need to be made to Brunswick Road to facilitate the flow of traffic and to ensure pedestrian safety.  Cannock Council is working closely with RWHT and Staffordshire Highways Authority to progress a scheme to achieve these aims and subject to agreement it is hoped that this would be implemented during 2015/16 also.


Tony McGovern, Managing Director for Cannock Chase Council said “Cannock Council is committed to doing what we can to make the hospital a success for the larger numbers of patients who will come for outpatient appointments and elective services. The Council’s Cabinet is being asked to approve a number of recommendations which will enable the Council to respond positively to the hospitals request for help with the anticipated parking problems. A lot of the detail is still to be sorted out but subject to decisions of the Cabinet on the recommendations, the Council will be able to move forward and make these improvements in partnership with RWHT and Staffordshire Highways.”


David Loughton, Chief Executive of the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, said: “It is important that we find solutions to parking problems for staff and patients. Cannock Council have been doing all they can to ensure we do this and have been very supportive. Working together I am confident we will be able to improve the parking conditions at the hospital.”


A report will be submitted to the Council’s Cabinet to approve at its meeting on 23rd April 2015.


Press Release courtesy of Kirsteen Miles, Communications Officer.

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