7 Biggest Mistakes for Hair Extensions
25th June 2016
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1. Poor Quality Hair - not all hair is the same quality. There are many suppliers of hair from across the world. Many hairdressers offer extensions of varying quality and it has been reported of salons using high grade hair for customers before switching to a lower grade to maximise profits. At Strut clients can rest assured that AAA grade Indian Remy hair is the hair of choice as it has proven to be a market leader for quality and value.

2. Using an 'at Home, Part Time Hair Extension' person or 'Friend' - hair extensions are not cheap, and if you want to go for hair extensions at the very lowest price then you will certainly not be getting the best of anything. Not visiting a salon will reduce the quality of any experience and the results will also be of significantly lower quality. At Strut we take pride in the training we have undertaken and the countless customers we have throughout the local area. The extensions at Strut are not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive; but we do believe are the best available in the area.

3. Bad Placement - hair extension application is an art form. Every head is different and must be treated so. The styling needs of each client must be considered and there are certain areas where extensions should not be placed to avoid damage to the hair of the client. There are plenty of horror stories available online, please don't put your hair at the mercy of untrained hair extension 'experts'.

4. Wrong type - the desired style, length and natural hair of the client can affect the best hair extensions for the individual. Experienced stylists can advise on the best hair extensions for needs including micro bond extensions, heat fusion hair extensions and clip in hair extensions. It is crucial the correct product is used in order to deliver the best results. Don't be pushed into a type of extension as it is the most profitable for a business.

5. Care and Maintenance - hair extensions require maintenance and care different to that of natural hair. Regular maintenance will ensure a natural look and better durability and therefore better value. Regular hair brushes can damage extensions so use of a wide tooth comb or hoop brush is recommended along with sulphate free shampoo for bonded extensions. If you are looking to have hair extensions always discuss the recommended maintenance and aftercare advise to assess the expertise of the salon.

6. Bad Haircut or Style - once you have hair extensions fitted you need to have them cut to match your hair and style. Often hair extension stylists don't cut them and send you to another stylist for cutting. Be sure that you have someone applying and cutting the extensions that understand the specific techniques for cutting hair extensions and the skills to style them for a stunning look.

7. Thinking you will be happy once more without hair extensions! Many people have hair extensions and love them so much they become a regular feature, be warned hair extensions from Strut can leave you converted to looking and feeling great with hair extensions!

Call Strut Hair on (01543) 406289 to discuss how you too can get high quality hair extensions from an experienced salon.

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