5 Biggest Home Security Mistakes
23rd March 2017
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Sadly crime has been rising in most areas of the UK. More and more home and business owners are experiencing the horror of arriving at a property to find they have been a victim of a burglary. Whether there is a little or a lot taken the effects can be significant for the person or business.

Common sense says to protect your property to avoid this bad experience, but often people don't. And those that chose to protect their property often cut corners and often wise they had invested better.

Average house prices in England are now at £234,794. Should we not be looking to protect this asset with home security measures?

So many people contact a home security provider AFTER being burgled. Yes, statistics do show that people who have been burgled are statistically at a greater risk of repeat burglaries; but why not act before the first event to minimise your risk?

Biggest Home Security Mistakes

1) Waiting until being a victim of crime before installing home security.

Please, please, please call us today as we much prefer to prevent crime rather. It is never nice visiting a home where the home owner has been a victim of crime and hearing how they no longer feel safe and have lost things special to them.

2) Getting a 'cheap' solution.

Sometimes we do get what we pay for. Sometimes things are cheap for a reason. If you can see no difference between a Fiat 500 and a Ferrari, rest assured those in the trade can. A burglar can easily spot a cheap set up which can often offer no protection. Often unbranded systems become rapidly outdated and obsolete.

3) Poor Installation

Having the best football boots or golf clubs on the market doesn't make you as good as the professional players. Get a professional to install your system and rest assured you will get the best from the equipment.

4) Getting a dog

Dogs can be a great deterrent for crime...but walking them in the rain and picking up their poo...not a great option for many people! Remember, a dog is for life.

5) Announcing when your home will be empty

Social media is great, but tagging yourself at the airport or the beach in Cyprus can leave provide the wrong people with the information they want. Why not wait until your home before sharing those hot dog leg pictures and cocktail selfies.

For a free home assessment and quotation call Tom at T&T World on 01543 406288.


Security products and services available including,

  • Security Lights
  • CCTV Systems with mobile viewing
  • Burglar alarms with auto dial 
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