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Luke provided a fantastic service in preparing and re-articulating our pet rat's skeleton. He was able to give us advice on sending her to him and gave us regular updates on his progress. We are very happy with the result, she looks like a museum worthy piece and it's a lovely way to keep her with us.
Luke worked on our beloved pet cat and I want to say a huge thank you! He has a skill that should not be underestimated and has empathy and compassion second to none. Though the journey has been a difficult time for us all, I am often reminded of the endless searching I did to find someone with the unmistakable talent Luke has. I am eternally grateful. Thank you.
Luke did an outstanding job of my beloved pet boxer dog. It was a difficult time losing him and Luke showed nothing but compassion and professionalism. He kept in contact throughout the process and the finished Skelton was beautiful. The pose was perfect and it is an outstanding piece. I cannot thank or recommend him enough.
Luke did an excellent job preparing a skeleton of a Malay game chicken. As the world's tallest breed of chicken it was important to get the stance just right-which he did. The whole service from start to finish was highly professional and my wonderful and intriguing skeleton now stands proudly on my desk. Martin Stephenson
Luke provided a sensitive service when he beautifully cleaned our cat's bones. He was friendly and welcoming when we visited his fantastic workshop. Can thoroughly recommend this service.
Luke articulated a very important skeleton of an 18th century racehorse. He required very little input from us, just the preferred pose and articulation method which, during an especially busy period in our redevelopment project was very much appreciated. The skeleton is now proudly displayed in our new heritage centre and has received a lot of praise and admiration. he was an absolute pleasure to work with and we'll certainly use him for any future work. Briony Jackson, Science Officer, National Horse racing Museum, Newmarket.
I found Luke Williams and UK Skeletons after much searching on the internet after much 'what to do' thinking over how to deal with losing my faithful companion 'and how to lay him at peaceful rest' of nearly 14 years; Terry the terrible terrier. I was truly struggling coming to terms with losing Terry and Luke was my answer. Luke called and collected Terry for me. He was more than very understanding 'empathetic' to how I was feeling 'not coping' with Terry being no longer at my and me at his side. From the onset of meeting Luke I knew and sensed immediately I did not need to go into any details at all of what needed doing as he talked through with me his services. So, Terry left to be prepared to come back to me 'Resting in Peace' on his favourite pillow. When Terry came home some months later, the finishing, the attention to detail was so precise I could not thank Luke enough for what he had given and done for Terry and given me. His final resting place, in 100% comfort and warmth of being inside his home and once more taking pride of place again in here. And that is why I came to Luke - I could not handle at all Terry being outside in hole in my garden or sending him away to pet crematoriums to receive back a bag of ashes that could too contain several other animals remains. If you want a really extra personal service, real professionalism, to meet a kind, caring person that has empathy and understanding, who will give your beloved pet a dignified resting place for the mush loved companion in return that during their entire life with all unconditional loyalty and love they gave you? Then Luke Williams and UK Skeletons will provide you with a service that is second to none.
Luke Williams - legend! Highly professional and compassionate. I lost 2 dogs in a very short time and was devastated. I had to make one of the hardest decisions ever. Talking to Luke put my mind at rest and I knew I had made the right decision. The care and compassion he gave whilst talking about my animals and the processes needed were second to none and the final result is breathtaking as to how such a fantastic living memory and work of art can come from such a sad time. Highly recommended. Thanks Luke.
I first became aware of Luke Williams extraordinary work when I saw a flock of skeleton birds that he had done in Plymouth Museum a decade ago and decided I wanted one too. Since then he has prepared many skeletons for my museum, from a blue tit to an ostrich, from a mouse to a lion. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Viktor Wynd, proprietor of The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine art and Natural History. London
Luke delivered a very high quality product. Beautifully presented and was very helpful with delivery arrangements. Adrian O'Carroll, Dublin.
Skeletons UK were absolutely brilliant. Just amazing!
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