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Special Educational Needs Technology and Training for all unique abilities. We provide Schools, Business and Home technology and training. Adam Teitge is a leading name in Special Educational Needs Training in the UK.

SEN Technology uses technology to make computers, business and education more accessible to those with unique abilities such as Dyslexia, visual impairment and other learning or physical needs.  We advocate the idea than anyone can achieve regardless of personal circumstances, from early ages up to senior members of society.

Technology Adaptation 

Adapting a computer has never been easier especially as having access to computers and online media is now, we argue, an essential for modern day living. Through our assistive technology we ensure maximum inclusivity and independence in any situation. We ensure that technology works around your personal needs by allowing you to, for example;

  • Control your computer by voice and create documents three times faster than typing using voice recognition software
  • Magnify your computer screen, change colour contrasts and listen to on-screen information, ideal for the blind or visually impaired.
  • Improve spelling and grammar through literacy and dyslexia support software
  • Experiment with music for those unable to play traditional musical instruments due to a physical or visual impairment
  • Boost planning and organisational skills with mind mapping software and quickly turn ideas into reality
  • Simplify operating a computer with easy to use talking software ideal for seniors
  • Record hand written notes and meetings and later transcribe them into editable text or audio files

Schools, Businesses or Home

For businesses, schools or the home environment, assistive technology can make all the difference in boosting self-confidence, productivity and easing difficulties associated with unique abilities.  

Our technology, training and services are suitable for anyone who wishes to integrate technology into their education or business for either a disability need or desire to boost productivity and self-confidence.


We strive to provide free demonstration sessions where possible and advise on suitability of technology, encouraging you to sample our free trials. Above all, we ensure that you receive a solution that will make a life changing difference to your personal, education or business needs.

We are always happy to demonstrate how our technology can make all the difference in boosting accessibility, business and education needs. See our website,, for full information.

Business training can be provided alongside all of your technology. This enables the company to maximise the the efficiencies, learn and develop.

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