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Green technology - a world of opportunity. Leader, pioneers and experts in green technology and heating solutions.



One day all our homes will be powered by high performing, aesthetically appealing green technology.

One day our climate will benefit from zero net carbon emissions.

One day we’ll all enjoy low or even zero energy bills.

We’re bringing this day forward.

We’re doing it now.


We believe in the power of green technology to change the world. We know it offers the solution to the sustainability challenges of tomorrow. And we know it can benefit us all.

That’s why our mission is to keep creating ‘better energy’.


We’ve led the UK’s solar market for most of the last decade.


Offering the quality products, and exceptional specialist service customers need to harness solar energy and reduce their energy bills.


But Solar was just the start.


Our vision has always been to look at the sustainability challenges faced by the world and figure out a way to solve them. And this meant not just delivering renewable energy but extending the eco journey throughout the home.




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