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Suzanne’s Hair Salon, Woking

I went to Suzanne's Hair Salon following getting to know Suzanne at my networking group. I had such a wonderful warm welcome by her and her staff and lovely cup of teas and biscuits - it's all the little touches that make the difference. As my hair is thin but I have a lot of it, it means lots of volume that I don't like, so Suzanne advised me to do a new hair treatment to get rid of the frizz, relax the curls and help the hair get nourished and straightened if I wanted to do so. I was very pleased with the result after washing it - my hair was still a bit wavy, but just right and combined with the great cut Suzanne did to get rid of the volume, that made the perfect combination. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend Suzanne's expertise and friendly salon. I will definitely go back!