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3rd September 2011
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Shareholders of listed companies and business owners of SMEs all have an important interest in ensuring effective governance and dynamic business development, in both their main companies and subsidiaries. Listed companies now have a regulatory responsibility to review their Board performance. The Institute of Directors, prompted by the EU, has published corporate governance guidance for unlisted companies, but probably less than 20% of SMEs have a proper Board process. SMEs can learn a great deal from listed companies on the value of "The Board".

If you would like the opportunity to review your approach to the Board process and indeed learn how effective it can be in both challenging and developing any main business or its subsidiaries, this Sandhurst based seminar in October will prove invaluable.

Bringing together two experienced implementation facilitators who have wide non executive experience, David Venus & Company and JFP Strategic Planning will facilitate the interaction between some of the best FTSE companies and dynamic SMEs. By informing all participants of essential knowledge and by comparing the experiences of their peers who use these processes, those who don't may be persuaded of the benefits. This event is designed to set out the What and How of an effective Board Process and to be a genuine learning opportunity. It will put you in a significantly more informed position to decide on what is right for your business.

This will be a different style of breakfast seminar held at the renowned RMA Sandhurst, whose motto is "Serve to Lead". We are specifically inviting FTSE Directors and SME owners to attend and not only learn some useful ideas on how to implement the Board Process and any regulatory requirements, but be shown better ways of doing it.

What are the benefits of "The Board"?

  • Focus on the strategic issues
  • Maintain company direction
  • Risk is regularly assessed
  • Tap into every Director's strengths
  • Value of the external chairman/director
  • Fresh thought, challenging the norms and the owners
  • Improve communication at the top
  • Encourage clearer communication down the chain
  • Encourage owners/directors out of their comfort zones - essential for progress

We feel passionately about what we do and its benefits. We want to inform Owners and Directors.

If you are an Owner or a Director in an enterprise with a turnover from £500k to £30million, then take a moment to contact Sarah-Jane Southgate at JFP on 01344 872230 or email her on


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