Safelite Solar Panels are now 30% cheaper !
4th April 2012
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Solar PV panels continue to represent one of the safest and most lucrative investments opportunities available in the UK today.

Let us show you how.

You are paid for every unit of electricity you generate whether you use it in your

home or export it back to the national grid.

Your payments are guaranteed by the government for 25 years.

Your payments are tax free and linked to RPI annually.

Your electricity bill will come down significantly, and you will be generating and

using clean, renewable energy.

How much is a system ?

We specialise in a tailored balanced system, and the only way we can calculate an

accurate price is to conduct a free site survey. We can then give you an accurate

cost and fmancial return for a system installation on your home.

Our surveyor will NOT use pressure selling techniques, he will take the required

measurements in order for us to email your quotation. It's as simple as that.

To learn more about solar panels and arrange a free NO OBLIGATION

SURVEY call SafeLite Solar on 01276 683420



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