MLM – The Modern Approach
1st March 2010
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                  The Modern Approach to MLM

As a network marketer, you can use the power of the internet to maximum advantage to explode your business. Recent estimates show that there are more than one point six billion internet users in the world: nearly three quarters of the US population are online. 


Using modern approaches to network marketing, you can create an endless supply of leads and only prospect people who are already warm to you or your business. With a combination of techniques you can enhance your reputation as a leader, share your knowledge and expertise, and make money from affiliate products.


Instead of networking in person, network online and build a list of every person who has expressed an interest in your opportunity. Build a relationship with your contacts using autoresponders and other marketing techniques.


So how do you become ‘attractive’ to people on the internet? You need to ensure that your marketing is relevant, highly targeted, and is of value to people. As you embark on your marketing strategy, keep in mind your ideal prospects and what they most want to know.


If you can do this consistently, you will position yourself in such a way that people will equate you and your expertise with ‘success’, which has a tendency to make you irresistible!


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