Mindset: There’s always something new to learn
14th January 2010
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Mindset: There is always something new to learn

One of the fundamental requirements for success in your MLM is the ability to embrace new ideas and to grow your skill set and knowledge along the way.

Successful network marketers

Leaders in MLM are always striving to know more, discovering different ways to do things, growing personally and professionally to become more effective. This doesn’t mean working hard, but it does mean becoming more efficient in what you do. Develop a leadership mindset by making a commitment to improve yourself every week.

Successful network marketers are always improving themselves. You may have already met people who are doing well in your MLM and who seem to have a bottomless pool of knowledge, tips and methods for improving their businesses. The same people are always open to new ideas, and aren’t afraid to let go of something if it isn’t working for them.

Making a commitment to learn doesn’t mean you have to become a bookworm! The beauty of self-improvement material these days is that it comes in all sorts of different forms. You could ensure that you go to all your MLM’s training days and meetings, listen to CDs on specific subjects, attend webinars online, read ebooks and conduct conference calls for your team. You may not agree with everything you learn, and that’s fine, but it’s important that you’re open to the possibility that it will work for you.

To be truly successful in MLM, as in other businesses, you must be open to new methods of doing this, and learning new skills. The trick is to balance your inner learning with your outer learning. Inner learning includes improving your mindset; your focus and your determination to succeed and lead others. Outer learning includes skills such as harnessing the power of internet marketing and social networking, writing great copy for content marketing, learning to prospect effectively and holding engaging group training calls and broadcasting useful YouTube videos.

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