Lose 25lb by Christmas 2010. Week 7. - 22lb - Nearly there!
5th November 2010
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Following a demonstration at my local BNI meeting at Camberley, where Trix Wheeler of Mind Body Coach used me as a guinea pig to reverse my affection to ice cream, chocolate and all things sweet, I decided to lose 25lbs by Christmas.

Whilst I was undergoing the demonstration, a sponsor sheet was passed around the Chapter members and in no time we had gathered over £300 in sponorship for our selected charities,  Help for Heroes & Christopher's Smile.

Now, after only 6 weeks of following her diet regime and undergoing some more supportive treatment, I have lost over 22lbs. I have kept to a sensible eating plan and I have not felt hungry at all although I will be tested with the Party season and more networking breakfasts. This week I have still managed to lose another 1.5lbs! It won't be too much longer before the cheque books will be out for our charities!

If you want to join me and some of my fellow BNI  members in losing weight in a safe, controlled and supported manner, contact Trix Wheeler ,  Mind Body Coach on 07917 366748 or Email: trix.1964@hotmail.co.uk

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