Is Camberley funny?
26th June 2015
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I collect rubbish - all the bits of paper that sane people usually put in the bin.  It doesn't matter if it's a tatty old postcard, an out-of-date guidebook or a bill from a shop that no longer exists.  

If it is associated with Camberley in some way, I am drawn towards it like a moth to a flame....

So, in the course of my trawls through eBay, I have come across quite a few 'comic' Camberley postcards.  Mostly they were obviously made to be sold in lots of different towns, with just the name of the place added in, possibly by a local printer.  Quite often the joke isn't very funny and the graphics are rather simple or crudely drawn.

But what interests me is the fact that such 'means of communication' have disappeared completely.  Is it the fact that we now text rather than use a multi collection/delivery daily postal service?  Or have we just lost our sense of humour?

Or, more worryingly, is Camberley now seen as a place for serious tasks only and people no longer come here to enjoy themselves?  That can't be right?

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