Frimley Shoppers - Don't Get Clamped - Get A Ticket
16th February 2010
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Just popping down to the shops can expensive at the best of times, but there is no need to add over £120 to your bill for just a quick dash for some bread or milk.

The Best of Camberley paid a visit to the Shoppers Car park in Cedar Lane, Frimley recently, and in the time it took to visit a client, 3 unsuspecting motorists were clamped by the private company that now runs the car park.

Whilst, there is nothing illegal in what they are doing - there are signs posted around the Car Park - the penalty for forgetting to buy a 30p ticket can cost the unsuspecting shopper over 400 times the face value to get their car released!

In these times, when we are trying to encourage people to buy local, the traders of Frimley do not need any other calamities to add to their woes after the bad weather and financial restrictions. Let's hope drivers can be more careful and not desert Frimley because of this exercise in Draconian punishment.

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