Charity begins at home - That means here in Camberley!
7th October 2009
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  • It's really hard to believe with our nanny state and the benefits system, but real poverty is alive and well in Camberley and Surrey Heath. Families and individuals are still homeless and without food, and even proper warmth and clothing. It’s easy to say, “well, the government will sort it out", but what happens when a family has been abandoned by one of the parents and there are a number of children to look after. Yes, the social services will step in eventually, but in the first instance, they are desperate for help.

This immediate help comes in the shape of John Looby and his gallant team from St Vincent de Paul. They are an ecumenical Christian charity that helps those in dire needs.

They are capably backed up by volunteers and help from The Rotary Club of Camberley, but they desperately need more furniture, such as Double & Single Beds, Sofas, Cabinets and White Goods. As with all things nowadays, please ensure the furniture is fire -rated. 

Moreover, St Vincent de Paul, Camberley is looking for Storage premises in order to dry store these goods. Have you got an empty garage, warehouse or large shed that they could use. Please contact John Looby with any help on 07807 934471 or contact Best of Camberley on 07825 414432


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