Camberley Theatre's 50th Anniversary
23rd May 2016
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As you may have seen if you've been on our events page, there are a lot of Camberley Theatre based events that are happening in the local area. That's because it's the Camberley Theatre's 50th anniversary this year!

To celebrate such an occasion, a selection of the best events are available to the public. There's things to do and fun to be had! Why don't you come and join us?

Below is a brief overview of what each event entails.

- Lau is a band that will be playing on the 1st June. They have great music and definitely worth going to see.

- Hammer and Tongue Poetry is a poetry competition that has randomly decided judges. The best proceed to the nationals.

- Jazz Archives play a record that hasn't been played since 1966 featuring John Hisemen and Jack Bruce.

- All of the Rooftop Film Festivals are films on a big screen that can be watched under the open sky.

- Vienna Festival Ballet is a play hosted by Camberley Theatre.

More detail of each event can be found HERE.

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