Camberley - a commuter town, or something else?
17th February 2015
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Camberley was rather late to the world of railway connections - Farnborough had a station in 1840 and Blackwater not long after.  

Camberley's founding father, Captain Raleigh Knight and some associates tried to get a line built between Bagshot and Ash Vale but they quickly ran out of funds.

It wasn't until the 1870s that 'Camberley & Yorktown' appeared and connections were possible to Waterloo via either Ascot or Woking.  

However, the town has always been on a 'branch line' and the direct route to Woking was cut in the 1960s when the 'Sturt Chord Link' was closed.  Since then the line has been very handy for students going to enjoy the pleasures of Saturday night in Guildford (!) but has been less useful for the commuter.

At the time of writing this there is quite a stir building up about the possibiity of improving travelling times, which both South West trains and Network Rail hope to address.  The Sturt Chord reinstatement will probably have to wait until CrossRail 2 starts to stir, however.

In 1895 there were only a few trains in and out of Camberley station even though there were booking halls on both sides of the tracks and a goods and shunting yard.   With a bit of luck, Camberley's rail link will survive and thrive, despite the changing times.

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