Back up your Computer before it's too late!
3rd September 2009
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How many times have you said, " it will never happen to me". Well with computers "it" probably will! Here at the best of Camberley, we feel it is good to listen to someone who knows what he or she is talking about. They don't come much more experienced in the IT field than Alan Bateman of SI 29 Computer Services of Frimley. Alan is a Microsoft Registered Partner and has many years of dealing with computer problems and they don't come much worse that Hard Disc failure. Anybody who has lost all their files will know the pain and empty hollow feeling of realising months or even years of work & memories are irretrievably lost. It is a lot more common that you think. Even in these modern times of reliability, Hard Discs fail for many reasons. Mechanical, electrical, file corruption, malware and a whole host of viruses mean your Disk is at risk at any time you use your computer. Even when you are not using it, your computer or laptop could be stolen or lost in a fire. All that hard work vanishes for ever!

Alan says" that only the start of the pain." If the Hard Disc data is lost, the first thing you know is a message like - "cannot find boot device" - that probably means your data is no more. Even with a new disc installed, you have not only lost your data, but what about your operating system, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, ITunes et al. All these need to be reloaded and purchased again if you have lost the discs or installation keys. Depressed - you will be - shelling out for all these items and you still haven't got past go to using the computer again. What about your internet connection - all that has to be done to connect again. Remember the hassle last time! All your emails, inboxs, archives and files are kaput! Alan would much prefer that you took adequate precautions in the first place, rather than informing you that there has been a "death" in the family!

Now, you’ll be glad to know that there is a solution to this problem!  If you have had the foresight to take a ‘full image copy’ of your hard disk before you experience your disaster, you can avoid all of this pain, completely. With a full image copy, all of the problems  mentioned above can be fixed in less than an hour and with very little work on your part.

 If this blog raises any doubts in your mind about the security of your computer and how you will cope when you lose your hard disk (and chances are you will one day – it’s that common), then call Alan  at Si29 Computer Services and Support Services on  01252 686 513  today.  It will cost nothing to have an intelligent, friendly chat about how to create and test a full image copy and you should be able to sleep better at night!


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