6 Tips to save money on your Office Phone Bill
3rd February 2012
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Local telecommunications company, Merge Communications are offering 6 Tips to help your business save money.

1. Keep the length of the contract as short as possible. The shorter the contract, the lower the penalties will be if you want to make changes.

2. 0nly pay for the phone lines you need. You should not need a fax line and a Broadband line. In most cases they can share the same line. In a majority of cases you will not need a phone line for each member of staff.

3. Are you paying a connection charge for each phone call. This is unnecessary and could drastically increase your bill.

4. Do you have a minimum call charge. These can be 3-4 times the value of the pence per minute rate and are rarely shown in the proposal.

5. Are your calls billed per minute. Some providers will round up calls to a full minute. Billings should be calculated per second.

6. Are your calls billed to 4 decimal places. A 1 minute call rated at 1.5p per minute, billed at 2 decimal places can e charged at 2p.

If your company telephone scheme suffers from some or all of the above factors, it is time to talk to Mark Bryan on 08448 549 009 or email: info@mergecomms.co.uk 

to find out how your company can save serious money on your calls!


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