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Martin Stembridge Photography, Bury

I first had commercial pictures taken with Martin when I joined The Best Of Bury. I found him to be very talented at what he does and I was extremely pleased with the photographs produced. Once the photographs were taken he was very, very efficient in getting them sent to me and that is what probably impressed me the most. I had to get more photos taken recently of the new vehicle and due to my previous experience I decided to use Martin Stembridge again. I had the same great service again and for that reason I would happily recommend him to other business owners who want a commercial photo shoot doing. Josh Morris - Bury Bins

Bespoke Landscapes Ltd, Bury

Gordon at Bespoke Landscape is a very positive and upbeat character. He is easy to talk to and is always looking to help others where he can. His company has a great reputation for customer service and once you meet him you can see how he has put his stamp on it. I would definitely recommend him because you will find him very easy to deal with.

Thebestofbury, Bury

I've been a member of the best of bury since August and its been a great company and great team to work with. They have really helped market the business to a local audience and they have also pushed me to get involved with the local business community. On a couple of occasions already they have gone above and beyond, Phil met at short notice to give me some much needed and timely advice and Holly set up a Facebook advert for me. These things aren't advertised when you sign up but they are extra things that they do to help you out. I attended the bestofbury business expo last evening and it was a well run event, that was well attended and with great businesses exhibiting. I would happily recommend this company to others.

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, Bury

I've been to a few engagements where the Joshua Wilson charity have been present now. On a couple of occasions Dawn has got up to give a speech in front of a large crowd to explain what the charity are about. She is a warm and engaging speaker, inspirational too. The charity itself seems fantastically run, they have really brought the business community of Bury together to support a great cause and they organise some creative events. They should all be really proud of the relentless work they do, I wish them continued success

Bury BusinessLodge, Bury

Came to a meeting to learn more about the best of Bury. It was a great venue, light and bright. Good technological services. Plenty of room for the large group there. Seemed a perfect venue in a good location.

Walmersley Golf Club, Bury

Had an enjoyable evening. Great spot in Bury with a great view. The BBQ was brill and the bar staff very helpful.