Zoe from the #SuperJosh team gives us an insight on her role as a counsellor
19th September 2018
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The fantastic SuperJosh charity work endlessly providing packages for families across the country going through life-threatening illnesses, helping relieve some of the trauma and stress they may experience.

One thing that many families find beneficial to them during these difficult times is the support they receive from counsellors. Zoe Hanwell-Purves is part of the SuperJosh team who visits families in their homes, at Royal Manchester Alder Hey Children's Hospital, hospices or wherever the family feels most comfortable.

How Zoe got into counselling for SuperJosh

Zoe works with the whole family either together or individually. Zoe first decided to get involved with the SuperJosh charity right from the beginning when Dawn (the founder), wanted to provide the families with ongoing support. The SuperJosh counselling service works around the families and traditional office hours - Zoe is proud to be someone to count on during an unimaginably difficult time.

Why is counselling so important?

Opening up and expressing how you feel during difficult times is always a step in the right direction but can sometimes be a challenge. Zoe finds that often in families, people find it difficult to open up to each other as they are all experiencing it together - which is where Zoe and the other counsellors will step in.

Support and counselling when a child is going through a life threatening illness is so important because it allows the family to work through their feelings whilst being given reassurance and perspective, enabling those feelings to subside.

Often a family will need help and advice when they are trying to return to ‘normal life’ picking the pieces up after their child has recovered from a very serious illness. This can be a very difficult time as everything in their lives has been put on hold; relationships, jobs, self-care all take a backseat and picking that back up again and starting over is not an easy task. Again, this is talked through and coping strategies are discussed as well as practical advice.

The SuperJosh charity stress to anyone seeking support or considering supporting the charity that there is no limit to the nature or cost of support and every penny donated makes a difference. If you want to donate, simply text SJBT13 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about the SuperJosh charity, feel free to give them a ring on 0161 763 8787.

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