Your Vote Matters for the Local & Loved Awards 2023
14th February 2023
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The Local and Loved Awards is a yearly awards show that recognises and celebrates the achievements and contributions of local businesses in various categories.

We aim to showcase the best of what the local community has to offer and to bring recognition to local businesses that are making a positive impact in the community. 

At The Best of Bury we champion the best of businesses in the local area. Our mission is to take great local businesses and promote them through a variety of marketing streams.  

We work hard with businesses to create a community hub, bringing all the best local businesses together. We get local businesses found and recognised and as it states in our name, we only work with the best.

We know they are the best because their customers tell us so! 

Supporting local businesses can have a positive impact on your community in many ways. It helps to create jobs, stimulate the local economy, and foster a sense of community.

How you can support your local businesses today is by voting for your moved loved business in your local area.  

Click here to vote!

Votes are being collected until the 6th of April, so spread the word and encourage everyone to vote for their favourite businesses.  

Businesses will join us at our Celebration Ball in May at the Last Drop Village Hotel where we shall commemorate and recognise the most loved business's honourable title for the Local & Loved Awards 2023!

Remember, small actions can make a big difference in supporting your local businesses and strengthening your community. 

Vote today!

Your vote matters. 

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