Why solar panels on your commercial property are MORE beneficial than on your home
15th December 2015
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Did you know that installing solar panels on your commercial property is actually more beneficial than fitting them on your home?

Connect Electric (Bury) Limited, a local expert in solar energy, has recently revealed that it can actually be more financially beneficial to have solar panels on commercial properties than domestic. We explain...

You've seen solar panels on apartments, homes, in low built-up areas, probably when you're on holiday and now they're even on a lake (which made the news this year), but installing this renewable energy product onto commercial rooftops isn't actually as common. When was the last time you saw solar panels on a block of offices or a shop?

However, it can actually be more beneficial.

Quicker ROI

Solar panels on commercial properties usually cover the price of installation a lot sooner than home installation – and therefore you’ll receive a quicker return on investment. On average, you will get back the money you invested in this solar product within 5 years on commercial buildings - with homes being anything up to 15 years.

And the simple reason for this is because you actually use more energy at work; the heating’s on full past, the lighting’s bright and the PCs are on throughout your working hours, which in some cases, can be 24,7. Most people spend more time at work than at home.

Reduced Bills

You spend more on bills commercially than at home, which means that the money solar panels can save you on your electricity bills will be increased too.



The energy you produce from your solar panels that you don’t use can be sold to energy companies, which is how many people have started earning a second income. This is possible for domestic properties too, and can see you receive up to £800 annually, which is tax-free. With discussions about the Feed-In-Tariff changing in January, it’s important you keep up-to-date with the latest news on this incentive. Click here for more information.



As a business, you will be seen as environmentally-friendly, supporting generations to come, reducing fossil fuel usage and working to improve global warming; installing solar panels is an announcement about your environmental principles which can improve your reputation. Simple.


What to do

If you would like solar panels installing on a commercial building or would like to find out more information about how they could benefit your business, contact Connect Electric (Bury) Limited.

Based locally, Connect Electric is a firm of electricians specialising in solar panel installation, offering a friendly, efficient and dedicated service. This local business came Commended in the Environmental Impact category at this year’s Made in Bury Business Awards, securing their reputation as an expert in this industry.

Click the blue box below for more information on the services available from Connect Electric.


Contact Connect Electric

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