Well done to the team at Military Standard Training!
5th December 2018
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Military Standard Training MIBBA's

Military Standard Training have come on in absolute leaps and bounds since joining thebestofbury and stunned us all with their drive and determination to do well in the upcoming awards - they not only qualified to the final three, they won 2 out of the 3 awards they were entered in, then 'Commended' for another!

The Horsfield and Smith Backing Young Bury Award

One of the awards that was won by Military Standard Training was the 'Backing Young Bury' award. Andrew stressed to the judges at the Meet and Greets back in October that young people are at the heart of everything MST do... the team work tirelessly to provide an environment in which young people are taught to respect, feel safe, and can personally develop much-needed skills.

Not only this, MST have improved their qualification success rates from 69% to 91% in just one year!

Winning this award was such a huge milestone for MST - they can now make even more of a difference to young people's lives whilst getting more, well-deserved recognition.

The Longden & Cook Excellence in Developing People

Another 'Best In Class' award MST won was The Longden & Cook Excellence in Developing People one!

This really allowed each member of staff to give themselves a pat on the back as they have worked within MST to improve their staff development - they have raised their success rates from 22% to 91%, meaning that learners are leaving Military Standard Training with more qualifications and better life skills than ever before. A team of staff working together is essential to a successful business and the proof is in the pudding with MST!

Winning this award also allows MST to help further promote their services and engage with a wider range of customers.

Health and Beauty

To add to MST's success at this year's MIBBA's, they also took home the Commended award for Health and Beauty. This was a fantastic achievement and we're all so proud of every single member of MST, here at thebestofbury! If you would like to find out more about what Military Standard Training do, feel free to give them a ring on 0161 833 5410.

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