Warning! Engines clogged up with carbon deposits could be costing you the Earth!
16th February 2021
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Garside Garage owner Paul is warning vehicle owners about the consequences of a build of up carbon in vehicle engines, privately owned and commercials, over time that is causing inefficiency and loss of performance which in turn is costing the owner/operators money.


The simple answer is to have the carbon deposits removed by the experts, who can spot any other issues that are developing unseen. Areas requiring cleaning to remove the carbon deposits include the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, cats, lambda sensors, inlet valves, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators. In the process the specialist technicians can spot any other build-ups whilst they are there.


DPF cleaning is a requirement that ensures compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and is a system that enables public sector organisations to procure specific goods and services such as vehicles and transport.


The impact of carbon build-up can go unnoticed, it is only when the performance of the vehicle, car or commercial vehicle, drops-off markedly that it becomes noticeable, acceleration isn’t as responsive for example. Unseen is the reduction in fuel consumption efficiency and an increase in exhaust gases that are emitted.


Because modern vehicle engines are so much more complex and the vehicle use requirements are so rigorous it is essential to talk to the experts at Garside Garage, their diagnostic checks are state-of-the-art making it an easy process to give your car or commercial vehicle an electronic health check.


Garside Garage Bury offers a wide range of vehicle services including MOT Testing, domestic car servicing and repairs plus, PSV work, HGV work, Loler Inspections, Wheelchair lift and tail lift repairs and maintenance, and inspections. Garside Garage specialise in caring for vehicles for disabled persons.


Spring is almost upon us and it would seem that the long-awaited lockdown may soon be eased allowing us to become more mobile, work, and get out and about. Many of us have not been driving a great deal so this is an excellent time to have your car serviced and ready for the road. Commercial vehicle users should be proactive and make certain that nothing can hold them back once we are set free.


Garside Garage is on your doorstep and ready to give your vehicles a Spring Carbon Clean, so get in touch right away and be ready to hit the road!



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