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20th June 2017
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If you're anything like I am, the idea of DIY sends shock-waves down my spine. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying, but to my husband, the word DIY is up there with the foulest of language in our house and he'll do anything to avoid it.

Many years ago, he bought a bracket to wall mount a TV in the spare room. Writing this today, I realised that it's buried somewhere in a corner of the garage, never to be seen again.

So, my point is that it doesn't have to be that way, certainly when it comes to wall mounting a TV. Using the expertise of a company such as Walshaw Aerial Services means that you can achieve this, quite simply by calling Mitchell to do the job for you.


Mitchell is a great guy who really knows his stuff. I've used him personally to re route my aerial at home and he was polite, obliging and a very clean and tidy worker. Mounting a TV to Mitchell is easy, no hassle to you and easy on your pocket.

Not only will he mount your TV, he can also tune it, set up components such as Sky, Freeview or your DVD and, if supplied by Walshaw Aerial Services, you'll get a 1 year parts and labour guarantee as standard.
Of course using Mitchell also means that there's no risk of you dropping the TV either (or as my case could be after a while - throwing it at the wall) - one of my biggest fears.

So, if you need your TV wall mounting to save some space in your home (or because you're just rubbish at DIY), call Mitchell to do it for you.

Call 07875 150992 for more information

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