Veneers that will boost your confidence from Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury
6th December 2017
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Whilst a trip to the dentist is something that many of us fear, a beautiful smile is something that many more of us would love. The good news is that Synergy Dental Clinic here in Bury can certainly help with both.

Synergy Dental have long been known for having a wonderful way with nervous or anxious patients. They've a natural way that puts even the most nervy of us at ease, no matter what the treatment. As such, it's good to know that they can also put that smile back on your face by the installation of veneers.

Veneers are a fabulous way to perfect your smile, but what are they?
Veneers are a fine layer of porcelain, especially designed to fit over your existing tooth. They hide any imperfections, giving you a glowing confidence and radiant smile to be proud of.
They can cover many imperfections from discolouration or chips and can even be used
to close gaps that you may feel concious of.

Veneers are a long term solution that offer a very natural look and beautiful smile.

The treatment is relatively simple and straight forward with an impression being taken
and a fitting during a second appointment. Looked after carefully, they'll last for years and actually mean stronger teeth too.

For more information, please call Synergy Dental Clinic on 0161 933 7708 or click on the blue box.

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