TV Problems? Don’t put yourself in danger!
17th August 2016
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We’ve all been there, the TV picture is going funny and you’re determined to fix it yourself to avoid a call out charge. There’s only so much you can do playing around with the remote, the Sky box and the TV itself before you finally admit that the problem lies with the aerial.

You think you’ve got two options… you can borrow next door’s rickety ladder and see if you can get up there to figure out the problem for yourself, or you can call in an expert who has all the right knowledge and equipment. We certainly would not recommend the first one, as you’re not only putting yourself in danger, but others, too! So really, you’ve only got the one option.


Whenever you’ve got a problem which requires safety equipment, it’s ALWAYS best to speak to an expert. They can advise accordingly, and they have years of experience which means that they know how to handle any problems which might arise. Walshaw Aerial Services are just the company you need to talk to, as not only can they help with your aerial, they can look at the devices you’re using too and get those fixed if needed, too!

So whether you’ve moved into a new house and need an aerial installed, or some freak gust of wind has left yours a bit lopsided, get on the phone to Mitchell from Walshaw Aerial Services – you can find their contact details by clicking the blue box below. 

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