Top Tips for a Healthy Garden Pond, from the experts at Ponds Northwest
12th January 2021
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It is recognised by medical professionals that the calming effects of a pond are beneficial to our mental health, during the present lockdown due to Coronavirus our collective mental health is threatened, all the more reason to seek solace in a garden water feature.

For people planning to create a pond, the experts at Ponds Northwest are professionals who will give you expert advice and will design and install your new pond as well as maintain it. Those who already have a garden pond you may wish to have your pond regularly maintained and cared for by the team at Ponds Northwest.


Meanwhile the team at Pond Northwest offer some good advice.


If you have more than 10 fish to every 100 gallons of water your pond may be over populated. Too many fish can cause an imbalance in the water quality and you may need to reduce the numbers.


Don’t over-feed your fish, uneaten food will cause contamination of the water. Feed the fish once each day and no more than they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes. Use good quality fish food, a floating food is better than one that will sink to the bottom if not gobbled up!

Create a proper balance of plants, at the seasons peak you should have 40 to 60% of the surface area of your pond covered or sheltered by plants.

NB. You can have fabulous garden pond without fish that will attract many forms of wildlife into your garden. Ask the team at Ponds NW for advice.

Select the correct size pump for your pond, you should be circulating the water of your pond once in every hour. Check to be sure your pump is not bunged up with debris in the skimmer or biological filter and be careful to use the pump correctly as specified.

Clear debris from your pond before it has chance to decay. Decaying vegetable material combined with fish poo and excess food rotting down in the water can cause increased ammonia levels in the water. Excess ammonia will result in sick fish.

Select a proper filtration system designed to suit the size of your pond.

Keep your pond cool in extreme heat.

Ponds Northwest are expert pond designers and builders call them today and get started!



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